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Driver Interview with Brent Brevak at Talladega

Driver Questions for Brent Brevak  (Brevak Racing) following Talladega:

Q: How would you compare your Talladega experience to Daytona?

 A: My Talladega experience was similar yet very different than our race at Daytona earlier in the year. It was similar in that the tracks are very similar. We had to go through a lot of the same adjustments we did at Daytona to try and make the car faster at Talladega.

Our experience at Daytona definitely helped us gain a lot of insight for what we had to do at Talladega.   In terms of the race experience it was quite different. At Daytona everything was bigger.  More fans, more media, more teams, etc.  At Talladega, we didn’t have to worry about making the race because everyone was locked in. We also had a much shorter build up to the race because we got rained out on Friday and had to race first thing early on Saturday morning. Actually, there was no driver intros, national anthem or any festivities at all really.  That was definitely one thing I had to adjust to after being rained out. Normally there is a lot of build up through out the day to get you ready for the race.   At Talladega we pretty much had to wake up and race.  I had to get myself ready much quicker than I ever have for a race.

Q:  How will you approach racing at Chicago compared to racing at Daytona or Talladega?

A: Chicagoland in Joliet, Illinois will be a different race experience.  Chicagoland is a 1.5 mile oval and is considered an intermediate track but it is also a very fast track.  The banking in the corner is 18 degrees and 11 degrees on the front stretch.  The pole record is 180.030 mph so you are still cooking pretty good. There will be a lot more dependents on the driver now that I can have an effect on my lap times more than I did at Daytona and Talladega, where performance is primarily based on car and engine.   Now we have to focus on getting the car to turn using brakes and throttle, where at the Superspeedways I am just holding the throttle to the max at all times.  Being a little closer to home, we could have more family and friends coming to the Chicago event.

That should make for an exciting weekend as well!

Q: You have raced on a number of different tracks.  Do you have a preference to the type of track you like racing on more than others?

A: Now that I have had some race experience at a few different tracks I would have to say I like the intermediate tracks the best, Michigan, Kentucky, Rockingham etc.  I like the added speeds over the short tracks and I feel that there is a lot more room to race.  At short tracks everything is so crammed in everyone is just trying to make it around without hitting someone.  At the bigger tracks we can move around the track more and get some really good racing going.  I hope to addChicago as one of my favorite tracks!